Below are a few common questions people have and the answers.

Why aren’t my columns aligning?

This might be due to your columns having different heights. After every “row” enter the following shortcode “symple_clear_floats” to make sure all columns line up correctly.

 Why is my last column being pushed down?

This would happen if you didn’t add the position=”last” parameter to the last column in a row.

Can I Include This Plugin With My Themes?

Yes, I would highly recommend it! But do NOT dump the plugin inside your theme. Use the TGMA Script to recommend this plugin as a plugin they should install. You can host the zip file in the theme or on your server/CDN, that is fine. But don’t try and have it “built-in” to your theme because your users may run into issues in the future as well as they won’t be able to update it.

Note: You must include a link back to if you are adding it to a commercial theme.