You can easily create a cool FAQ’s page using the toggle shortcodes. Below is an example FAQ’S page with some questions you may have regarding this theme.

Some Common Questions

Does This Theme Have Multiple Color Schemes?

Classy comes with 11 different color schemes to choose from via the admin panel. Your choices are:

  • Default (gray/white)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

How Does The Portfolio Work?

The Portfolio Works using a custom post type so you can add your items just like regular posts. You can also have unlimited categories and you can easily add up to 4 extra images per item to created a slider on the portfolio post.

What Can I Use The Homepage Content Slider For?

The homepage content slider allows you to easily add any content you want. This includes text, (large and small) images, shortcodes…etc.

The slider is created using the slides.js plugin and it will re-size it’s height depending on the content for the slide.

There is also an alternative Nivo image slider you can use just for showing pictures!

What Does The Theme Admin Look Like

The admin panel for Classy had a very simple and clean design that matches the WordPress admin panel so it doesn’t look “out of place”. The admin panel is “non-branded” so it’s great for your client work!

Below is a small screenshot of a section of the admin panel:


Can I Add Videos On My Portfolio Posts

You can have as many embedded videos as you want on your portfolio posts. Simply paste your embedded code into the custom field. If you want more then one just paste each embed code after the other.


Can I change The Background

Yes. You can either choose from the many built-in background choices or use the background creator to upload your own background and or choose your own custom color using the built-in color picker.

Can Any Page Have A Header Image

All pages can have a large header image at the top with a full width and an unlimited height using the page’s featured image. Blog posts however showcase small thumbnail images for their featured image.

Home Many Custom Post Types Are Included

The Classy WordPress theme comes with custom post types for slides, homepage highlights, services, portfolio, staff, testimonials and pricing tables. This makes your theme much easier to use and manage.

Theme Options

Choose A Color Scheme

Choose A Background Image